Hunting Club in Novi Becej is one of the oldest Hunting Clubs in Serbia and Vojvodina. The evidence about the date of establishment was found in the Budapest archive (document number 57965/111) on December 6th in 1887. Hunting Club was officially established on October 1st in 1885, at the assembly where the Club Statute was ratified. The name of the club was: Novi Becej Hunting Club.

All decisions made in Hunting Club Novi Becej Assembly, related to the application of the statute and eventual closing of the club, were forwarded to Hungarian Royal Ministry of Agriculture, Industry and Trade for inspection. This memo was signed by Ivan Urban, the president of the club. The Ministry of Agriculture, Industry and trade send the positive response to the Hunting Club on December 6th in 1887, which was the approval and acceptance of Club Statute. The Club got the permission to work by it adhering to all that has been written and accepted at the founding Assembly of the Club. Bade Albert signed the memo as a state forester and the advisor to the Minister, upon the approval of the Minister .

Before the Hunting Club was established in Novi Becej, there were others:

1. in Petrovaradin (1873),

2. in BelaCrkva (1874),

3. in Pancevo (1882),

4. in Novi Sad (1883), Ostojicevo (1883), Senta (1884), Kikinda (1885).

Novi Becej and Kikinda share the 7th place in establishing the hunting Club in Vojvodina.

At the time, the Clubs were established by the Hunting Law of Hungary from1872 (article 6). This law set a minimum boundary for the formation of hunting grounds of only 100 cadastral acres.The law imposed for the first time wildlife hunting conditions that everyone had to abide by. This law introduced Hunting Maps for the firs time in Vojvodina, which have been issued for a period of three years. In 1875, the Article 21 of the Law described the look of the Hunting Maps and how they shoul be printed. Hunting tax was also imposed, as well as license to carry a weapon and pay taxes on hunting weapons. This Law requires issuing of Hunting Maps every year, that is, they were valid for a period of one year and the validity period was a calendar year, from January 1st to December 31st. After a decade or more, in 1883, a new Law on Hunting was passed in the Parliament of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (Articles 20 and 23), which regulated a tax on hunting, but also a tax on hunting weapons, and more important, a modern view of hunting through the introduction of planned management. In the end of the 19th ant the beginning of the 20th century, following the Hunting Law of 1883, the right to hunt was leased by the city or municipality under predetermined conditions.


Hunters are primarily engaged in this economic activity, but also a “hobby” for socializing, meeting people, getting to know different types of wild animals habitat, or ecological conditions for breeding and protecting them. The mission of the hunters is ecological and protective.
The hunters are under huge pressure from different organizations which consider them “killers”, but that is far from truth because hunters are primarily concerned with the breeding, protection and promotion of hunting, and the use is only in the fourth place. The evidence to mentioned above was the fact that this Hunting Club bred pheasants sixty years ago and rabbits fifty years ago. It was saving partridges from freezing preventing the great lost of them that can be more than 80%, and put them back on the hunting ground in spring. The Hunting Club had good influence on brown game, whose number increased since the World War II.


If we want to be specific about all the work that hunters do, and most of them (about 25,000 hunters in Vojvodina) work 10 months(winter feeding of game, planting of game retreats, construction of feeding and feeding facilities for game, raising of a windmill for providing water for game in the areas where it is absent in the dry summer months, construction of shelter and storage of pheasants in the hunting area for a month or more, release of pheasants in spring for reproduction under previously provided conditions, preparing the terrain to be released and minimizing predator losses, etc.) on the hunting ground and hunt only two months in a year.

The activity named “Winter Game Feeding” is done during winter, when the weather conditions are not good for hunters but they are outside in the deep snow and mud, rain and storm, aimed to help the game in the hardest period of the year for them. After that, hunters organize predator hunting on the hunting ground (this is done on a planned basis, as outlined in the hunting basis and the annual management plan), reducing them to a bearable number so they can harm bred game. The counting of game in the hunting ground is next. All the hunters participate in this activity. Based on the obtained data, realistic management plans are made. This is complemented by the introduction and preservation of young and adult pheasants, followed by the monitoring and / or counting of brown game to record high quality animals and determine the sex and age structure in the hunting area, and the selection of trophy animals for placement in hunting tourism, as well as a number of other activities.
In the summer months, where there is not enough water, watering troughs are built. Hunting organizations that bring in younger categories of pheasant and other feathered game, build or repair existing shelters and store pheasants at least 24 hours a day, usually for a month.
“Main” hunting season is in November and December, because it that period is open season for rabbits and pheasants. When it comes to large game (mainly brown), only a small number of hunters participate in such hunts.


Hunting Club today – number of members, property

Novi Becej Hunting Club has 142 active members (this data is from 2019.).

Stojšin Slavica

Dvorski Karolj

Popov Saša

Bito Oto

Darko Lazarević

Siniša Nešić

                There are two hunting grounds –Pearl Island (2481.56 ha) and Araca (24,095.67 ha), total area 26,577.23 ha. Hunting Club Novi Becej  is known as one of the clubs that has the best population of brown game in this part of Europe and maybe further. Among other things, it manages Special Nature Reserve “SlanoKopovo” which has been  on the Ramsar  list since 2004. According to all reports from nature conservation institutions, hunters from Novi Becej are known as the best hosts of a protected natural property.

In many years of work, certain hunting and technical facilities have been built in the hunting ground:  hunting ambush facilities, watchtowers, feeding places for brown and small game (rabbits, pheasants and field partridge), and hunting and breeding facilities such as pheasant shelters at several localities in the hunting ground.

                In addition to building breeding establishments in the hunting area, and bearing in mind that it has been engaged in hunting tourism for over 40 years, there was a need to build hunting lodges for receiving and accommodating foreign and domestic tourists hunters. In the end of 60s and the beginning of 70s in the last century, one of the most beautiful hunting lodge in Vojvodina was built for that time, on the Pearl Island.  The location of it was perfect, because it was placed next to “The Dead Tisa” in the beautiful countryside , orchards and vineyards. The interior and exterior of the lodge was renovated in 2010, with a newly built summer house, a roaster, a lounge for hunting dogs, etc. amenities that provide peace of mind for tourists, but also great comfort.Hunting tourists who once come to the Club and are accommodated in this home will return in the coming years and seek the same accommodation.

                The outstanding hunting house was built about thirty years ago in the center of the town, where the offices for staff are located. There are a comfortable hall where the hunter tourists are welcomed, Board of Directors and Commission keep their meetings in it, hunters from the Club spend their free time there telling the stories from the hunting, exchanging experiences and adventures. There is also a billiard room so the hunters gladly comes to the play and have fun. There is a big, beautifully decorated garden around the house, with aviaries for hunting dogs that belongs to the members of the club, but it is also available for hunter tourists, namely their dogs to feed and drink. Among other things, there are several garages in the backyard, a big store maze, a threshing barn, and a beautify fountain. A warehouse and premises for the preparation of roe deer trophies (for tasting and processing), the evaluation of hunting trophies and the accommodation of game meat, primarily brown, were also built.

                A  modern shooting range was built in the hunting ground, in 2010where local, municipal, as well as provincial and republic competitions in clay pigeon shooting has been held.

                A viewpoint has  stood since ______ in NR SlanoKopovo. (The Third Hunting Lodge)